Did you know Vaseline can make your perfume last longer?
It can also help open your nail polish bottle!

3 Ways To Use Vaseline

1st Way To Use Vaseline: Make Perfume Last Longer
make perfume last longer

Apply Vaseline to the area you want to spray perfume on.
perfume 1

This simple Know-How increases the longevity of your perfume! 🙂
perfume 2

2nd Way To Use Vaseline: Open Nail Polish Bottle More Easily
nail polish bottle hard to open

Just apply Vaseline to the opening.
nail polish 1

Look at that – Easy peazy lemon squeezy!nail polish 2

3rd Way To Use Vaseline: Making Lip Balm
making lip balm

Put a good amount of Vaseline in a paper cup.
Note: Do not use a plastic cup because it may release carcinogens when heated (next step involves heating).
lip balm 1

Mix some lipstick into the Vaseline.lip balm 2

Use blow dryer heat to help mix and then place the new lip balm in a small container.
Note: Do not use blow dryer on high in case the Vaseline splashes out of the cup.lip balm 3

Ta-Da~! Brand new lip balm for you! 🙂lip balm 4Do you know any other special uses for Vaseline?