When I first went to Myeongdong, I’ve seen a mascot wearing a dog costume. The mascot was giving out some leaflets about the dog cafe. I told myself that I shall go there before I leave Seoul.

The entrance fee costs 8,000 won. It includes a free drink. We were asked to put our things in the cabinet under the chair. (for safety) After drinking, we start roaming around the cafe. Visitors are required to change their shoes before entering.

They provide pink and blue blankets that can be used during the interaction with the dogs. I don’t really know how many dogs are there. I think it’s enough for all the customers.

This is how the cafe looks like from different angles. Some dogs don’t want to leave my lap and others, well, prefer to be alone. Some dogs choose their customers by smelling their shoes. Some dogs are clingy, and some are snob. Customers just sit on the floor and wait for dogs to sit on their lap.

Before leaving, you can use some rollers and spray to remove the furs from your clothes.
How to go there:

Take a subway to Myeongdong Station. (Exit 6) Walk Straight, then turn right in the Nature Republic Shop. Then when you see the Skinfood shop, turn right. You’ll see the Dog Cafe on the left side. It’s located on the fourth floor.


 Cat Cafe is one of the places you should visit when you visit Myeongdong.

Some cats are really fierce. They’re intimidating. LOL.

But some are nice. I can say that most of them are couch potatoes!

Unlike the dog cafe, I wasn’t able to carry any cat. There are 35 cats in the cafe but I failed to connect with any of them.

Anyway, the cafe is clean. We enjoyed the ambiance. This is a kind of cafe that I would visit only once. LOL. If you’re looking for interaction, I think that the dog cafe is better.

How to go there:

Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off at Myeongdong Station Exit 8. turn left on the first aisle walk straight, then turn left on the second aisle. If you don’t get me, just look for the cat mascot and ask for a map. LOL

Admission fee: 9,000 won for adults | 8,000 won for children


I haven’t interacted with a sheep until I visited the Thanks Nature Café. I never thought that sheep can be clean and not smelly.
I also liked their presentation of beverages. I’m a fan of cute designs. Their honey bread toast with ice cream on the side also taste good.
You’ll see portraits of known celebrities on the left side of the wall. Well, the interior design is filled with sheep stuff.
Outside the cafe, you’ll see the cage of the sheep.
How to go there:
Take a subway going to Hongik University Station. Then use the google maps! LOL. It can’t be seen right away because it is underground. It is located under Cafe Cantata.
You can’t get inside the cage without buying food.
The price of a coffee starts at 5,500 won.


What are Raccoons?

Raccoons are mammals native in North America. Most of the raccoons have an area of black fur around their eyes. Well for me, they look like rats that has the size of a cat.

How was your experience?

It was not my first time to see some raccoons. I’ve seen them when I visited Everland. However, it was my first time to see raccoons out of their cages. They were moving freely around the cafe.

The admission fee costs 6,000 won. Just like any other animal themed cafes, you have to take off your shoes and wear some slippers before entering. You also have to put your stuff inside a locker for safety.

You can order some coffee if you want. It’s a cafe anyway. Don’t worry it’s cheap. Price starts at 2,000 won to 3,000 won. The menu is written in Korean, I didn’t have a hard time because I can read. I think the staff can speak a little English, you can ask them to translate for you.

The staff gave me a paper with a set of rules. Basically, it says don’t play with the raccoons. Keep your things in the locker. Don’t sit on the floor. (OMG! I sat just to have a picture. LOL) Don’t whistle or clap your hands. Lastly, if a raccoon comes close to you, keep your drink out of its reach.

I spent one hour there. I didn’t even buy a drink. Hahahaha! (I’m so cheap) I guess if you’ll buy a hot drink, it would be cold by the time you finish drinking it. The attention of the people were on the animals.  I had a great time there doing Facebook live with my friends and followers.

If you’ll ask me if I’m going to go back there, my answer would be no. My experience was good but it’s not something I would want to do over and over again. It’s good if you want to have a close encounter with a raccoon.

PS. Don’t forget to bring your boyfriend! Kidding! I was surrounded by couples when I went there. I didn’t know that it’s a famous place for dating. LOL.

Where is the best time to visit them?

I went there after dinner. LOL. I think it’s best to visit them at tnight because they are nocturnal animals. They are more active at night. You wouldn’t want to go there just to see them sleeping.

How to go there?

Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off at Hyehwa Station (exit 4). Make a left turn from the exit. It is located at the 5th floor of the CGV building. It’s above the Etude House.

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