V-neck or round neck? Shorts and jeans? Which one makes you taller?
Here we give you fashion tips for your better body proportion!

1.V-neck vs Round Neck

Which one makes you look taller?

V-neck WINS!

Turtleneck covers your neck and makes it look shorter. Also, it broadens the starting point of your upper body so your legs look shorter compared to the upper body.

Especially if you have a short neck, you’d better wear V-neck T-shirts 🙂

*tip : But if you have a long neck, V-neck might make your neck look too long. For those, it’s better to wear round neck or half turtleneck!

2. Same Color vs Different Color

Wearing same colored top and bottoms or wearing those with different colors, which one makes you look taller?

Different colors WIN!

If you match top and bottoms with same color, it might make your waist look longer, which ruins the body proportion.

*Tip : If you’re short, you’d better wear different colors. If your clothes are in the same color, they will make you look shorter 🙁

3. High Waisted Pants vs Normal Pants

It’s easy to guess who’s the winner this time! The winner is~

High waisted pants WINS!

It’s obvious that a pants with high crotch makes your leg longer!

Tip: If it feels too much to you, there are half high waisted pants. It has a lower crotch than a normal high waisted pants so it doesn’t look too much and make your legs look long naturally.

4. Shorts vs Jeans

Final round! Which one make you look taller?

Jeans WIN!

Shorts separate the color of your leg (pants color and your legs color) and make your leg look shorter. It’d better to wear the bottoms with unified color so that it makes your leg look longer.

*Tip: The longer you calves and the thinner your ankle is, the longer your legs look. So, if you have thick calves and ankles, cover them with normal long pants.

MIJI’s long leg tip, was it helpful?

For your beautiful tomorrow 🙂

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