3 Ways Storage Plastic bags
The plastic bags are useful but they take up too much volume. Here is a tip to solve the problem!

1.Tissue case

☞ First, grab a plastic bag and put the bottom part in a pack tissue.

plastic bag life hacks 02

☞ Then, put another plastic bag at the bottom of the handle, fold it, and put it into the pack tissue like the first time.

plastic bag life hacks 03

☞ Just put the plastic bags into the pack tissue and we’re done! Is it too easy? πŸ˜€

2.PET bottle

☞ Carefully cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and prepare 2 plastic bags.

plastic bag life hacks 05

☞ Connect the handle and the bottom of the two plastic bags, and put the handle of the plastic bag inside the pet bottle and pull it out with the lid, as you did on the top.

plastic bag life hacks 06

☞Put the other plastic bags in the plastic bottle just like you did on the pack tissue and close the bottom of the plastic bottle you cut. That’s it’s done! This is too easy πŸ˜€

plastic bag life hacks 07

3.Triangle fold

☞ It would be better to fold the garbage bag neatly and keep it, right?

plastic bag life hacks 09

☞ It’s so easy that I’m snorting.

plastic bag life hacks 10

☞ Put the last part in between the folds and you’re done!

plastic bag life hacks 11

☞ A 20L garbage bag folded in a triangle on a pack tissue! That’s right. Even trash bags! That’s right.

plastic bag life hacks 12

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