1.If you wanna look lovely? KNIT BEANIE

If you want to look bright and cheerful, try pigtails with beanie!
A beanie with normal long straight hair might make you look like a teenage star from 90’s! Be careful with that 🙂

2. Girl or woman? You can be both with BERET!

In between a girl and a woman. The beret has a cheerful and feminine charms with hair tied over your shoulder.
If you want to look more cheerful and cute, try beret with bangs. But if you want to look more like a woman, try it without bangs.

3. Here’s THE elegance, FLOPPY HAT

F/W must have item! With retro clothes, you can add more elegance to your fashion.
The wide hat can be TOO MUCH, so simply tied hair can be a perfect combination with a floppy hat.

4. Here’s the hipster! BUCKET HAT

Sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. If you don’t want to be Jack and Jill, the bucket hat can be the POINT to make your look different.
If you want to add a bit of FEMININE on your look,  loosely tie your hair over the shoulder. But if you want to look more HIP, tie up your hair and put it inside the hat.

5. Casual and comfy, BALL CAP

When you go grab some beer with your friends, or go get groceries, the ball cap has always protected your greasy hair.
It’s likely to be more casual than elegance, so you can try a single braid pigtail. If you want to highlight cuteness, low pigtails are good.