How To Make A Reading Desk With Hanger
Because buying a book reading desk is pricey! If you have lots and lots of wire clothes hangers, packed in your storage room. Plus, recycling is always good!
Step 1. Hold both sides of a wire hanger in your hands, and bend inwardly.
Step 2. Flatten each end of the wire hanger  with pliers.
Step 3. Make a 90 degree bend, about 2-3cm from each end, holding the wire hanger.
Step 4. Make a bend again for both sides, estimating room for a book in the holder.
Step 5. Hold the twisted central portion of the hanger with pliers supporting the rest part, with the palm of your hand, and make a 90 degree bend.
Step 6. Twist the hook to face the book holding portion.
Step 7. Bend the end of the hook into a small hook.
Step 8. Hook the hanger bottom part to the small hook.
Step 9. Tighten the end of the small hook inward again.


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