Making etching cream heart candle holder
You can engrave your own shape on an ordinary glass bottle or glass. The method is very simple and the time is short! Even shorter than 30 minutes is possible. I'll tell you ~ Go Go Go ~

Cut the desired shape on the sheet and prepare it.

etching-creme-candle-holder 02

Put it on the glass thoroughly.

etching-creme-candle-holder 03

Apply etching cream.

※ What is etching? Craft techniques to corrode materials
etching-creme-candle-holder 05
etching-creme-candle-holder 06
Etch cream can be reused

Let stand for 5 to 15 minutes and wash in running water.

etching-creme-candle-holder 08
Etching cream can corrode even in a short period of time!
etching-creme-candle-holder 09
etching-creme-candle-holder 00

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