Learn to buy fresh fruits and veggies – that your mum would approve!

The Story:

  • You buy groceries
  • You bring them home
  • Mum looks at what you bought
  • Mum sees it’s all wrong!!!
  • You get scolded
  • Back to the store you go 😛
    the story - mom gives advice

Instructions on How To Avoid This Situation (a.k.a. How To Choose Fresh Food):

How To Choose Paprikas:

  • Choose if the colours are bright & there aren’t any scratches on the surface.
    paprika 1
  • The colour should not change near the grooves.
    paprika 2
  • Choose one that looks clean and does not have a dry stem.
    paprika 3

How To Choose Bananas:

  • If you plan to store them a long time, choose the greenish ones.
    banana 1
  • Consider the time frame in which you will eat the bananas. The more black spots on the banana, the healthier – but the sugar content is high!
    banana 2
  • If eaten right away, choose a less greenish and more yellow-y ripe one.
    banana 3

How To Choose Strawberries:

  • Strawberries should be a nice bright red colour all over, even near the stem. Also, the stem should be green and not dry.

Ah… Now mum is pleased and the family will eat delicious, healthy, and fresh food! YAY~
shopping complete