1. Bear-walking push-ups

STEP 1. Stand with your feet wide open.
STEP 2. Put your hand on the ground and go forward as if you’re walking with your hands.
STEP 3. Do deep push-ups.
STEP 4. Walk back with your hands and stand up again.

☆It develops shoulder, chest, triceps and core muscle☆

2. Burpee test

STEP 1. Stand with your feet wide open and lean forward to grab a chair with hands. (Locate your hands right below the shoulder)
STEP 2. Put your legs behind as jumping. Don’t forget to squeeze abs when you’re jumping. Your head, shoulder, hip, toe need to be straight.
STEP 3. Bent your knees and then jump forward.

3. Jumping jacks squat

STEP 1. Do squat right after jumping jack.

If you want to exercise harder with 4 minutes workout tutorial?
YouTube ‘James Kill’