Those measly strands of hair laying on the floor bothering you? How about the hair blocking the drain? And also the hair stuck in your comb… they seem to be everywhere!!!

Use ShareHows know-how to easily clean up strands of hair!

How To Clean Up Strands of Hair

Materials: A rubber band…simple!
materials 1

Step 1: Slide the rubber band onto your hand.
rubber step 1

Step 2: Wipe wherever there is hair.
rubber step 2

Step 3: Finished!
rubber step 3

Your floor is now clean, but…

drain block

You’ll need…

materials 2

Step 1: Give the straw diagonal cuts but DO NOT actually cut all the way through the straw.
drain step 1

Step 2: Put the straw in the drain and wave it around.
drain step 2

Step 3: Finished! (Blurred to protect your eyes)
drain step 3

And lastly…


You’ll need 2 things…
materials 3

Step 1: Use the stockings to cover the comb.
comb step 1

Step 2: Poke the comb teeth through the stockings and then tie the stockings to secure them to the brush.
comb step 2

Step 3: To clean the hair off of the brush, just remove the stockings.

comb step 3

It’s so easy to clean up hair this way, isn’t it? 😛