When you first buy a candle, the surface is flat and smooth.

Then after a few uses, it seems that the candle ends up making some kind of tunnel or cave! And it only gets deeper and deeper!!!

tunneling explanationCan this tunneling phenomenon be reversed? Yes, absolutely!


How To Fix a Candle After It Tunnels

Step 1: Surround the candle with aluminium foil and lightly bunch up the top part of the foil.
Note: Be careful of the hot candle!!!tunnel step 1Why do this? Because in this shape, the foil prevents the candle’s heat from going out 😀tunnel step 2To achieve a flat and smooth surface again, please wait 1~2 hours.tunnel step 3There you go – a newly flat surface. The candle looks brand new again!
Tip: Even though it looks new, please don’t try to give it as a present. It has still been used!
tunnel result stepWhat about a regular candle?
Without a container, the wax may end up spilling over the sides!
regular candle

How to fix that? Press down the edges when the candle is burning (the candle is easily pliable when heated).
Note: Please be very careful of the small, but very hot candle flame!
regular candle step 1Was that easy? All you need is a very simple trick to stop the candle wax from overflowing!regular candle resultNow you have you special Know-How candles. 🙂
both candle result