As you put the ice cream out and eat it at a room temperature, the ice cream starts to melt little by little and the water comes out from it. So, when you refreeze it, the water freeze into larger ice crystals. This makes it more like and ice cube and makes the texture more icy and crunchy. You can also cause the lactose (aka milk sugar) to crystallize, causing it to have a sandy texture and further contribute to the overall decrease in texture quality and harder to scoop.

Ice cream consists of two part, mix of compounds that make ice cream as ice cream (sugar, mlk, cream…) and the air. If the compounds are the one that are making its flavor, the roll of the air is to make its texture soft. But, as you repeat to open and close the ice cream, the air evaporates and the softness disappears.

We can’t just put ice cream in the freezer not to make them get harder. So, what we can control is ‘THE AIR’!

HERE is a super simple tip to keep your ice cream soft.