Not only are blossoming magnolia trees beautiful to look at during the springtime, you can make balloons out of the trees’ fallen magnolia flower petals.


  1. Pick up fallen magnolia petals.
    magnolia step 1
  2. Cut the calyx about 1 cm.
    magnolia step 2
  3. Rub the cut part very very very gently.
    magnolia step 3
  4. Blow into the petal. *whoosh–
    magnolia step 4
    SUCCESS!!! 😀
    magnolia success

Did you know Magnolia trees can grow as old as 100 years? Magnolias have very big beautiful flowers. The magnolia is also the national flower of North Korea. They usually bloom during the Spring, but some bloom during the Summer and early Fall. Read more about Magnolias here.

Will you make some magnolia petal balloons this Spring? 😛