Learn how to make the dark delicious eggs served at Korean traditional spas (often shown in Korean dramas)!

How To Make Baked Eggs With an Electric Rice Cooker
Making Baked Eggs With an Electric Rice Cooker


  • Electric rice cooker
  • Eggs
  • Salt

Baked Eggs Ingredients

01: Place the eggs at room temperature.
Tip: If you boil the eggs straight our of the refrigerator, the eggs may crack due to the sudden change in temperature.Baked Egg Step 1

02: Put the eggs in the electric rice cooker and add water covering only half the eggs.Baked Eggs Step 2

03: Sprinkle with salt evenly. Make sure not to put too much salt or else the solution will be too salty.

04: Press the on button to begin cooking the eggs. If you cook the eggs more than once, they will become darker and darker. Baked Eggs Step 4

05: Once the eggs are cooked, take them out of the rice cookers and place them in cold water to cool off.
Baked Eggs Step 5

After the eggs have cooled off, it is really easy to peel them!Baked Eggs Peeling

If you’d like, you may slice them in halves to serve.Baked Egg Close Up

All Done! Please enjoy your special baked eggs!!! 🙂Baked Eggs Result