Spring slowly returns. Here comes our time to store winter clothese and bring out spring clothes. As you know, winter clothing is heavier, bulkier and more expensive than summer clothing.

What if you can’t wear your fancy winter wear 1 year after..? I would feel so upset, upset and upset again. LLL Do you know poor clothing care may limit garment life-span?!!

Take some time to get correctly how to store winter clothes by types of fabric this time. Then, you’ll be glad when the first cold day hits next winter. 😉

1. Knitwears

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Better to store knitwear for a long time, turn it inside out for preventing fluff lint due to friction, fold it loosely, and stack them in drawers or on shelves. You will see your knitwears as good as new after 1 year~

TIP. Knit material is weak when it gets damp. Better  fold it with tissue paper for storing.

2. Down jackets

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Store the jacket in a spacious  box, not hanging up on a hanger as this may cause the down to settle into the bottom of the jacket’s compartments. Better the jacket is stored in a dry and airy place. Also, you can protect the jacket damp with old newspapers or Korean papers on the bottom of a box.

Tip. Perfect if you put some moth balls coupled with repellents! 😀

3. Wool overcoats

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I bet most of you store a dry cleaned wool overcoat in plastic, don’t you?

It is also weak when damp! 😛 So, here is a small suggestion to use a canvas or non-woven suit cover for storing your bulky buddy dry and airy. 😉

Hangers should be sturdy and broad, so the weight of the coat does not stretch out of shape.

Tip. Wool is moths’ favorite menu. Aw.. Do put some moth balls or repellents inside the coat pockets unless you want to see the result after moths have a festive dinner.

Note. Do avoid using hangers from a dry clear as they are too thin and weak to hang the heavy and bulky coat and you might see your wool coat out of shape.

4. Fur coats

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Make them in good shape, hang the fur coat on the a sturdy padded and wide  hanger to keep the shoulder from loosing their shape. Also, leave room around it for air to circulate and for fur hairs not to be ruined. Like us, fur needs air to breath. 😛

Note. Do avoid to store them directly with a  dehumidifier. Dehumidifier may  get fur dry and out of shape.

Tips for managing clothes!

If the closet is in contact with the wall, it is recommended to keep the closet slightly away from the wall because moisture permeates it and makes the clothes soggy. Put baking soda in a bag again and hang it inside to help prevent mold.

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