Poached eggs taste so good… ♡

You can make poached eggs at home in just 20 seconds!
Learn To Make a Poached Egg In Just 20 Seconds Thumbnail

Firstly, boil the water!
Poached Egg Boil Water

Then, let’s use a ladle to make a poached egg. Crack an egg inside the ladle.
Poached Egg Using a Ladle

Let the ladle sit inside the water (do not let water go inside the ladle) and wait a few moments to let the egg cook. Done!
Poached Egg Ladle Done

How about an even easier way?

Spin the water with a spoon… and crack an egg into the water.
Poached Egg Spinning Water With Spoon

Let the egg spin and spin…
Poached Egg Spinning Egg

And it’s ready!Poached Egg Spinning Egg DoneHow about making multiple eggs at a time???

You’ll Need:

  • Cooking Oil
  • A cup
  • Eggs
  • and Plastic Wrap

Poached Egg Multiple MaterialsInstructions:

1. Take the cup and line it with plastic wrap.
Poached Egg Multiple Egg Instructions
2. Pour some oil into the cup.
3. Crack an egg inside.
4. Tie the plastic wrap so the egg and oil stay inside and so that water can’t get inside. It should look something like this!
Poached Egg Multiple Egg Should Look Like This
5. Put the egg inside the boiling water and wait until it’s ready.
6. Take the wrapped egg out with some utensils.
7. and just unwrap the egg!!! 🙂
Poached Egg Multiple Egg Dobe

And lastly… a food porn shot… 😉
poached egg food porn

Yay! Please enjoy your poached eggs, yum-yum-yum 😀