The Garden of Morning Calm is open to the public throughout the year, housing over 5,000 plants. Between December – March when the flowers are not in bloom, it hosts the biggest festival of lights in Korea.

The grounds are elaborately decorated with over 30,000 lights that are switched on after 18:00pm.

We travelled to the Garden of Morning Calm with low expectations; presuming it was just another ‘romantic’ festival aimed at couples in search of cheesy photo opportunities. This wasn’t the case and to our surprise this festival of light was nothing like we’d ever seen before.

The Garden of Morning Calm is located about an hour outside of Seoul via public transport (see full instructions at the bottom of this post) but definitely worth the journey.

We spent around two hours walking around the grounds and admiring the lights. Try to arrive at the festival just before sunset; that way you can see the transition from day to night before the crowds arrive.

We were really impressed by the light display and it’s a great way to spend an evening if you’re in Korea during the winter – don’t forget to wrap up warm. Entry into the festival is 8,000 won per person.

We plan on heading back to the Garden of Morning Calm during the Spring when the flowers are in bloom.

Travel Tip: If you’re planning an evening trip to the Garden of Morning Calm, why not make the most of the day and visit nearby Nami Island and/or Petite France. Click here to read about our trip to Nami Island.

Rating 9/10: We thought the lighting festival was beautiful and so different to anything we’d ever seen before, a great way to get you into the Christmas spirit whilst in Korea.

When: Between December – March, click here for more information. Entry into the festival is 8,000 won. You can visit the garden between 11:00am-21:00pm during weekdays and Sunday, 11:00am-23:00pm on Saturdays and national holidays.

How to get there: Catch the subway all the way to Cheongpyong Station. For a quicker route, take the ITX to the same station which takes 35 minutes and costs around 4,000 won. Once you arrive at Cheongpyong Station, expect to pay 15,000 won for a taxi to the gardens or there are frequent shuttle buses available from the station to the festival costing 5,000 won per person.


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