we will make this cute paper bag!

A wrapping paper, a tape(or a making tape) and a rope/ribbon strap

First of all, choose the paper you want and fold the upper part 2cm.

After that, fold it again like this.

And then, put a tape inside the paper to hold them together.

After fix them, use masking tape to hold them tightly.

After putting the masking tape, fold the lower part 4cm.

Fold each side to make it a hexagon.

Fold another each side to make the bottom.

After that, fix it with a tape not to move.

Make small holes to put a string through them! POP POP!

If you have four tiny holes, use a ribbon or thin rope to make a handle.
Tie the rope several times to make a knot bigger.

Place the knot inside the bag and make the same knot on the other side of the rope.

Now, the handles are done!

Now you can make your own paper bag! 🙂