It is time for some Spring Cleaning!
Old Dust, Say Bye-Bye~

How To Get Rid Of Accumulated Dust
Accumulated Dust How To Wipe Away Neatly.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hair conditioner
  • A dry rag

wipe neatly materials
Step 1: Put a good amount of conditioner on the dry rag.wipe neatly step 1Step 2: Wipe anywhere that you see accumulated dust.
wipe neatly step 2
The Result: The conditioner’s coating ingredients actually reduce static electricity and thus lowers the amount of dust accumulated!wipe neatly result

How To Clean Dust In the Gap?
Clean Dust In the GapWhat You’ll Need:

  • Stockings
  • A clothes hanger

Clean Dust In the Gap MaterialsStep 1: First you should cover the whole clothes hanger with the stockings.
Clean Dust In the Gap Step 1Step 2: Tie them well so they do not slide off of the clothes hanger.
Clean Dust in the Gap Step 2Step 3: It should look something like this.
Clean Dust In the Gap Step 3
Step 4: Sweep under all the gaps – i.e. under the bed, under the wardrobe, under the fridge, and so on…
Clean Dust in the Gap Step 4
Step 5: Because of the static electricity, the dust will cling well to the stockings.
Clean Dust In the Gap Step 5

What about cleaning the dusty dirty window frame?
Dusty Dirty Window Frame

What You’ll Need:

  • A set of wooden chopsticks
  • Newspaper

Dusty Dirty Window Frame Step 3

But… don’t forget the corners!

Step 1: To clean the corners of the window frame, first wrap the newspaper around the wooden chopsticks and then dampen with water.
Corners Step 1
Step 2: Meticulously wipe the dust in the corners. Done!
Corner Step 2

You cleaned all the surfaces, under all the gaps, and even in the window frame.
All-Clean!!! 🙂All-Clean