Do you like Churros?
Typically, churros are made with choux pastry. Choux is a light pastry used to make many desserts such as eclairs, crullers, choux puffs and more. It is made with flour, salt, butter, eggs, milk, and sugar (although usually not too much).

However, this recipe calls for rice cakes instead! Rice cakes, or tteok (떡), are made with glutinous rice flour or sweet rice.  There are so many different kinds of rice cakes and they are eaten all year round in Korea. So, these are Churros, but with a Korean spin on them!

You will need:

  • sugar
  • bar (long) rice cakes
  • cinnamon powder
  • cooking oil

rice cake materials


  1. Slightly blanch the dry rice cakes.
    rice cake step 1
  2. Cut the rice cakes lengthwise into 4 equal parts and strain them to dry.
    rice cakes step 2
  3. Mix the sugar and cinnamon powder together.
    rice cake step 3
  4. Fry the cut rice cakes for 20 seconds each.
    Note: Please be careful when frying the rice cakes! Frying them for too long may cause them to pop and the extremely hot oil may burn!
    rice cakes step 4
  5. Cover the fried rice cakes with the sugar-cinnamon mixture.
    rice cake step 5
    Done! Do the rice cake churros look delicious?
    rice cake finish

Hope you like them ^_^