Have you ever tried scrambled eggs…STILL IN THE SHELL?
Is that even possible?

Yes! And  it is called a “Golden Egg.”
Unique Egg Recipe - Golden Egg Thumbnail 2

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh Egg
  • Tennis ball
  • Awl
  • Long string

Golden Egg Materials

Step 1: Mark a dot in the center of the tennis ball (both sides) and draw a line.
Golden Egg Step 1

Step 2: Make holes using the awl on both sides of the middle point.
Golden Egg Step 2

Step 3: Cut along the line you drew in the first step very carefully not to injure yourself.
Golden Egg Step 3

Note: It should look like this.
Golden Egg Step 3 - Look Like This

Step 4: Get a long string ready.Golden Egg Step 4

Step 5: Push the string through the holes (if it’s too difficult manually, use a tool to push it through).
Golden Egg Step 5

Note: This is how it should look like when the strings are through.
Golden Egg Step 5 - Look Like This

Step 6: Now, you can finally put the egg inside the tennis ball.
Golden Egg Step 6

Note: The tennis ball case is now finished. Time to make some scrambled eggs!
Golden Egg Step 6 - Look Like This

Spin, spin, and spin the egg by pulling the strings.Golden Egg - Spinning

After a few minutes of spinning, you will end up with a scrambled egg still inside its shell!
The egg becomes a nice golden colour. Here is a side-by-side comparison of a golden egg and a regular egg.Golden Egg - Comparison 2

Bonus! Use a flashlight to illuminate a non-boiled golden egg and a regular egg to see the difference!Golden Egg - Comparisons