If food waste is not properly managed, fruit flies all over the place.
It’s too late to regret it? NoNo!

If you make a simple fruit fly trap right now, you’re done thinking about it. I’ve prepared some tips for preventing fruit flies, so please read until the end.

1) One third cup of beer.

2) Then fill the cup halfway with vinegar.

3) Put a spoon of sugar and then stir it.

4) Cover the cup with cling film and stick shortened straws into the film.

5) We conducted an experiment with different ingredients. Here are the results.

The first cup was a mixture of beer, vinegar, sugar and kitchen detergent. Number of flies caught: 5

The second was a mixture of beer, vinegar and sugar. Number of flies caught: 12

The last cup was a mixture of cider and vinegar. Number of flies caught: 7

6) Set the trap in a spot where flies are frequently seen.

7) More important than the trap is properly taking care of your garbage, especially during the summer season.

8) Food garbage!

1. Don’t delay doing the dishes.

2. Seal up the garbage bags well.

3. Empty the drains immediately.

9) Trash bins!

Cover the bottom of the trash bin with one or two layers of newspaper and wet it with a bleach and water solution (1:25). Repeat the process when the bin is half full. No need to worry about fruit flies or nasty odors anymore!