If you store tomatoes in a fridge and it is very cold and humid, the tomatoes takes longer to ripen and the flavour also disappears.
☆ Store in a basket or box.


Due to moisture it begins to go soft.
If skin is peeled, transfer to an air-tight container and store in the fridge
☆ Store in a dry and cool place.


The unique flavour disappears.
Starch converts into sugar quickly.
☆ Store in black bag or air-tight container at room temperature.


If stored in the fridge,
becomes hard like sugar!
☆ Close the lid well and store at room temperature.
Tip. It’s good to keep moisture away from honey.

Olive Oil

If stored in the fridge,
it solidifies.
Becomes hard like butter.
☆ Store in a cool dark place.

What is your fridge like?